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Our Mission and Values

Health Tourism

We are specialists in facilitating diagnostic, medical and surgical treatments for our clients, who prefer to access care in the United Kingdom. We are industry experts with over a decade of experience, working with both private and Government healthcare providers in the United Kingdom helping you make the decisions that are right for your healthcare needs.

At Candeur, we partner with the best hospitals in the United Kingdom and link you up with leading Consultants, Clinicians and providers who make use of state-of-the-art medical technology and have excellent ratings from the relevant regulatory bodies. We aim to debunk the general misconception that receiving treatment in the United Kingdom is complex and unaffordable by helping you explore a variety of options, and handhold you through the process of meeting your healthcare needs from sourcing for a provider, through pre-admission to discharge to even daily visitations whilst in hospital. We guarantee your privacy; dignity and comfort will be met throughout the journey


Clinical Governance and Assurance

Our team of subject matter experts are available to support you with incident investigations and reviews, complaints management,  best practice reviews, business continuity and emergency planning, health and safety assessments, Inspection Prep work, trend analysis, risk management, root cause analysis,  audits,  Governance data reporting, statutory reporting i.e. to HSE/CQC, Governance advice.

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